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For centuries marble has been one of the top choices for civilizations to decorate their homes, gardens, buildings and plazas. There are many reasons for this but the one that stands out has to be the beauty and elegance marble tiles possess. How their intricate swirls and veins come together and flow throughout the stone and how in one piece you can have light and dark colours that complement each other so naturally make the marble look an irresistible choice for any floor or wall.

In recent decades we have managed to bring the beauty of marble into our homes. Marble tiles started being produced even more thinner and practical for modern home living but three main flaws still remained with marble tiles: they were expensive, they needed sealing and due to their natural veins they had weak points and were liable to crack. 

Then along came porcelain, suddenly we had marble effect tiles that looked the part but were cheaper, stronger, more durable and longer lasting. This is why marble effect tiles are now even more popular than real marble tiles. 

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