Anti-slip Tiles

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Carrara 20mm
Marmara Blue 60x60

With the introduction of polished and high gloss tiles consumers got mesmerized by the bright shininess and the sparkling gloss of it all and they forgot about practicality and safety. The reality is we can't always have any tile for any room in any circumstance. We may have small children or elderly relatives living with us, if this is the case then glossy tiles aren't really the best choice as floors tend to get wet in kitchens and bathrooms.  This is why at Tile Ideas we try to stock the latest and best quality non-slip tiles at low prices.  All our anti-slip tiles are made of porcelain which means they are strong and durable. They are also all above the standard anti-slip rating of R10 (most of them being R11).  This is why many of our customers choose our anti-slip porcelain tiles to tile their patios or gardens.  Even under heavy rain and winter conditions our porcelain tiles will remain strong, stable and non-slip which is of huge importance as we all know how treacherous weather conditions in the UK can be.

We try our best to stock a wide range of colours and designs of non-slip tiles as this gives our customers a better chance to be able to match it to the glossy wall tile they may have gone for.  So if you have thought "How can I have tiles that are not slippery while having glossy walls?" you have come to the right place.  Browse through the non-slip floor tiles at Tile Ideas and find the tile that will make your bathroom, kitchen or patio floor safe and secure.