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Carrara 20mm
Are you looking for bathroom tiles to get noticed? You're in luck! Tile Ideas is the perfect online tile shop to find your ideal wall and floor tiles for your bathroom or wet room. We have an amazing range of sizes, colours, shapes and materials at discounted prices.

Why choose tiles over other alternatives to put in your bathroom?

Tiles are a very water resistant solution for your bathroom problems. They don't let water through to your walls which will cause you major problems in the long run, they don't go mouldy, they don't break easily and they last a very long time. This cannot be said about other alternatives like wood, lino or paint which all have flaws in regards to being in areas which are wet and humid such as bathrooms and wet rooms.
Whether your're looking for a practical solution or something with style to cover your bathroom in you'll be able to find the perfect tile for your taste here at

Bathroom tile ideas

If you need a bathroom which combines practicality with beauty don't go away, you're in the right place. From sensible anti-slip floors to elegant classy finishes we have all the tile themes here. Just browse through our extensive catalogue and if you get overwhelmed and think to yourself "How do I choose the perfect tile?" just give us a call and we'll do our best to help and guide you down the right path.
Vintage vanity: Like fashions in clothing and music old trends from the past are coming back in tiling also in the form of vintage chic. Heavily detailed colourful, Spanish and Moroccan tiles are back in again as well as patchwork and patterned tiles.

Calming waters: If you want your bathroom to be the peaceful, yoga-like, mindful place of the house then why not can go for soft pastel colours like greys and beiges in large porcelain tiles. This will produce that lovely calming thoughtful atmosphere which will look just amazing in some dim lighting.
Practical Pete: If you are one of those people that worries and stresses about accidents and things that could go wrong browse through our range of non-slip tiles to find the perfect secure, safe and strong non-slip porcelain tile for your bathroom.
Vibrant and energetic: We have a great choice of colourful and vibrant tiles that shout: come in and be amazed. The blend of bright colours and unique geometrical designs will make yours a bathroom your guests will never forget.

Our range of bathroom tiles

The ranges of tiles we sell have been carefully selected by painstakingly trawling through European factories' product catalogues to give our customers the best and latest tile ranges at the lowest and most affordable prices. We have a great selection of ceramic, porcelain, gloss and matt tiles in all shapes and sizes.
From the latest trends like hexagon tiles to classic large square tiles, or from modern industrial satin finish tiles to rough rustic non-slip finish ones we stock all the answers to your tiling needs.
We do our best to provide our customers with popular colours like grey, cream and charcoal as well as the not so popular ones like pistachio and violet.
Whatever floats your boat the right tile for you is here at Tile Ideas!

Why buy with Tile Ideas

We at Tile Ideas have managed to fuse consumers' two biggest desires - bargain prices and quality.
Because we operate strictly online we can afford to pass on the savings we make by not having numerous staffed shops. This way everyone is happy… apart form the high street landlords of course.
We use only the most experienced carriers and haulers to deliver your tiles as the last thing we or our customer need is broken tiles. But just on the off chance there are some broken tiles we are more than happy to send out replacements the very next day.
Please don't hesitate to contact the Tile Ideas team at 01842 811944 or write to us at with any questions regarding our tiles.
You can also chat to us live on our homepage.