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Whether you're installing a new kitchen or renovating an old one, you are bound to find the perfect kitchen wall tile or kitchen floor tile in our huge online catalogue of kitchen tiles. From traditional kitchen floor tiles to modern trendy kitchen wall tiles we have all you need here at Tile Ideas.

Why choose kitchen tiles?

The kitchen is probably the messiest room in the house. We spend a great time there cooking and preparing food and drinks. These can spill, stain and create a total mess throughout the day. This is why it's vital that we take into consideration many factors such as: do we want kitchen splashback tiles or do we want to tile the kitchen walls floor to ceiling. Should they be water resistant, how strong should they be, what material should I use for the tiling? and so on..
The floor tiling in the kitchen is of top importance also. Because the kitchen is a high traffic area and we regularly drop mugs, pots an pans. This is why the material we choose to do our tiling with is worth considering carefully. 

Kitchen Tile Ideas

When we design our ideal kitchen it really is a balancing act between choosing the most beautiful kitchen in our taste and the most practical considering the daily occurrings in the kitchen. Here or some of our tile ideas:
Patterned splashback: many people are endorsing a colourful and vibrant splashback for their kitchen walls, usually inspired by a trip to the European continent where colour and detailed design go hand in hand.
Multi-coloured slate effect: Slate has made a comeback in recent years but not in the way one would expect. People nowadays like to enjoy the attractive raised look with its anti-slip qualities while not having to seal or treat...solution - slate effect porcelain tiles. Browse through our extensive range here at Tile Ideas.
Glossy brill: A polished finish for floor and walls in kitchens is in high demand as it is the easiest surface for cleaning and maintaining a clean kitchen in the absence of stains and dirt.
Industrial wood look: a post-modern aged industrial look can turn your classic looking kitchen into a hipster heaven with a trendy and modern plank wood effect tile.

Our stock of kitchen tiles

Too much choice in todays market really makes it hard for consumers to decide on a tile and go with it. But without choice where would we be? At Tile Ideas we try to stock a large variety of colours, shapes, shades, material and sizes of tiles so that or customers don't need to go shopping from website to website or drive around spending money on petrol. The best thing about it is that we truly offer the bets online prices around!
Do you have a kitchen which lacks a bit of sunlight? in this case a light beige or a white Carrara marble effect porcelain tile might just be up your street.
Or do you have a kitchen which Is spacey and light? You might want to go for an XL size 800x800mm polished porcelain tile such as the stunning grey marble effect Nairobi Perla.
Or is your kitchen one of those where it seems like you're spending your entire day cleaning and mopping up after your kids' mess. If that's the case then maybe you should opt for a non-slip porcelain tile which is good for security regarding young children and has got the strength to cope with the damages and breakages inflicted by a large active family.

Why buy with Tile Ideas

We at Tile Ideas have managed to fuse consumers' two biggest desires - bargain prices and quality.
Because we operate strictly online we can afford to pass on the savings we make by not having numerous staffed shops. This way everyone is happy… apart form the high street landlords of course.
We use only the most experienced carriers and haulers to deliver your tiles as the last thing we or our customer need is broken tiles. But just on the off chance there are some broken tiles we are more than happy to send out replacements the very next day.
Please don't hesitate to contact the Tile Ideas team at 01842 811944 or write to us at with any questions regarding our tiles.
You can also chat to us live on our homepage.