Wood Effect Tiles

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Karval 90x16
Teka Oakwood 90x16

Without a doubt most people will agree that natural wood on our floors looks beautiful, warm and elegant. Whether it be in our homes, in our bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, in shops or in offices no one can deny the soft texture, the warm feel and the classy finish a nice timber flooring has. Another reason why we find wood flooring so appealing could be that it reminds us of the connection we used to have with nature which we have lost over the years. 

In any case we know that the natural wood look is a very popular choice for our floors and it has become more and more in demand in recent years. But in terms of practicality can we be sure that natural wood is the best choice?

Real wood requires a lot of regular maintenance and usually needs caring with expensive liquid solutions to prevent it from degradation. Laminate flooring isn't much better as it tends to scratch, dent and bend easily. When compared with wood effect tiles, natural wood and laminate are both weaker and less durable. Wood effect tiles last longer, are more stain resistant and have more options in choices for colour, shape and design.

At Tile Ideas our wood effect ceramic tiles and wood effect porcelain tiles are so realistic looking that most people cannot tell the difference between them and natural wood. That just leaves us with the benefits which are the quality, the durability, the low maintenance factor and the savings you will make with our cheap prices and amazing deals. 

We stock traditional floor tiles as well as new and trendy wood effect tiles so you can have styles ranging from classic wood effect to standard longways, and staggered layout through to the popular new herringbone pattern.