8 Floor Tile Ideas which are the most fashionable in 2021


  In the last few years the rate at which tile fashion changes has truly soared. Nowadays the colour and designs of tiles change and modernize as often as clothes do. Every year the big tile manufacturers seem to release new shapes, cuts, colours and finishes of tiles which makes it even harder for the consumer to keep up with the trends. This is why we have decided to lend a helping hand by putting together in one place the trends and fashions of where tiles seem to be heading this year.

Here are our top 8 most popular floor Tile Ideas for 2021.  

1. The multi-coloured heavy marble veined look

Riyadh Jade has definitely been the out and out hit of the year so far. As we know trends have been going towards large porcelain tiles for a while and lately towards the extra-large sizes such as 80x80cm and 75x75cm but this classic 60x60cm gloss porcelain tile has really been the star of the show this year. Its classic marble look with a gorgeous blend of browns and greys and its smooth polished surface have really made this tile stay ahead of the pack. A brand new tile on the UK market but one that has come storming in.


2. The gold, grey, white thin Carrara marble look.

The second on our most popular floor tiles list has to be the exquisite Oikos Gold. A never seen before style of marble veining has seen this tile truly explode in the past year, it is likely to carry on in this trend this year also. The faint and thin gold and grey veins have been compared to art many times by designers. It is definitely going to be a trend-setter in the coming years.  Another proof that fashions are moving towards polished porcelain tiles for large spaces.


3. The multi-face explosive marble effect


Crash beige is a new generation multi-face ink-jet print super polished porcelain tile. Because this tile has been produced with the use of ink-jet technologies it has more than 24 different designs (faces) which means it only starts repeating after 24 tiles. This produces an authentic true marble look. The super-polish and rectified edges add to making this one of the most exciting marble effect tiles on the market. 


4. Linear fossilized marble effect


Linear fossilized marble effect is a new branch of the popular marble effect. It also has veins as it were but they are more regular and less random which produces a more original mabre look. Usually dark lines on a light background, laid in opposite directions these tiles remind us of simpler times when tiles were more conservative and had a more classic look. 

5. The anti-slip slate effect

Slate has always been an attractive material, the uneven textured surface with its volcanic looking waves has always been a sought out look. The problem with really slate has also always existed, its weakness and its need to be sealed. Porcelain tiles with a slate look have been on the market also for a few years but using the latest technologies and machinery slate effect tiles today can mix many different colours and tones in an extremely natural looking way that slate look tiles can end up looking more like slate than slate does. The added the anti-slip qualities make these tiles perfect for any project including wet areas like bathrooms or wetrooms or even external areas which will face all weather conditions.


6. Extra large size porcelain tiles

Tiles are getting larger and larger. In 2021 the 75x75cm, 80x80cm and 60x120cm size tiles are making an impact. If you have the large areas necessary to use these tiles they are excellent at producing a grand, seamless look with a small grout joint. Ideal for living room floors, large kitchens and bathrooms, and if they are anti-slip for outdoor areas also.



7. Aged look anti-slip tiles

  It wasn't so long ago that patios and garden areas were only tiled in concrete slabs. They were heavy, chunky, hard to work with, limited on design variety and weren't especially pleasing to the eye. In the last five years or so frost-proof non-slip porcelain tiles have almost completely replaced these old fashioned large and awkward concrete slabs. The main issues with tiling the floor of your external are is that, it can get slippery and it can freeze. This new style of tiling addresses both of those issues. Our top selling non-slip tile Astun Gris is frost proof, durable and strong as its porcelain. It has an anti-slip rating of R11 which is almost the highest a tile can have and with its deep terracotta colouring it adds a real touch of class while producing a warm Mediterranean ambiance. Another advantage of this tile is that because it is glazed it prevents moss and general dirt staining and sticking to it, which makes it very easy to clean when compared with concrete floors.



8. The vein-cut travertine look


  Another popular tile choice for consumers in 2020 is the vein-cut travertine marble look. Designed to emulate the travertine stone when cut through its layers, these tiles replicate an image of marble layers and swirls forming around eachother, almost like how the stone itself was formed thousands of years ago. It is a great way to inject a natural feel to your living space. Although travertine is traditionally a sandy colour, with new generation techniques we are able to have these authentic looking tiles in many different colours and shades like the Aydin tile, emulating the Aydin marble.

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