To gloss or not to gloss, that is the question


The pros and cons of glossy or matt, bathroom and kitchen tiles

  When considering a new bathroom or kitchen design, you sometimes have to sit for a while and think about colour schemes, styles and often a tricky complication is the type of tile. We often find our clients are confused as to whether to go for glossy or matt tiles. This uncertainty is probably because not many people are aware of the advantages of the types of finishes. So, we have put together this post to help people understand the pros and cons of glossy and matt finishes.

Gloss Tiles: 

  Glossy tiles are better suited for smaller bathrooms or kitchens and clean freaks. The reflective and smooth design of gloss tiles makes the room appear bigger than it actually is, and are very easy to clean with a simple wipe. You will also find as light reflects off the tiles, the room appears to be a lot brighter, especially when white.

  Looking at the downside of gloss tiles, when they are not cleaned regularly and properly or left wet, the wet spots and soap smears can be visible. So, in order to get them looking their best, you must clean them on a regular basis and ensure you don’t leave any marks.

Matt Tiles:

  Matt Tiles will be good choice for bigger bathrooms and especially if you would like to create a modern look. A matt tile won’t need as much maintenance to keep it’s “new” look, and they don’t need cleaning as often as gloss tiles do. You will also find that when they are cleaned, you won’t need to worry about smear and soap marks on the tiles. Matt tiles also give off a “natural” look, so your bathroom will look really appealing and authentic.


  However, when it comes down to scratches, scuffs and stains, matt tiles are very vulnerable. Many people also find, when matt tiles do need cleaning, it is much harder work than gloss tiles are, but then there is the argument that they don’t need cleaning half as much as gloss tiles do.

 To sum up, it seems as though both gloss and matt tiles have their upsides and their downsides. It really is down to your personal preferences, if you have a smaller bathroom and don’t mind cleaning regularly, gloss tiles are probably the best option for you. Then again, if you have a larger bathroom and want to go for a modern look, matt tiles are the way to go. Whatever tile you choose for your bathroom, it won’t make a huge difference as long as you keep them well maintained. For more advice, why not give our friendly customer service team a call on 01842 811944 or email them at

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